Think Like An Owner is a place to learn about acquiring and operating private companies and permanent capital. In order to understand how true owners think, one needs to learn from those owners directly.

Through podcast interviews, writings, and letters, learn about this industry alongside me.



  • Every month I interview an investor or business owner in the private company investment space to learn from their wisdom and experience.


  • I’ve recently created an online community focused on this space where investors and owners can meet, share ideas and insights, and learn from each other.


  • Every week I email out a newsletter called Tailwinds consisting of the most interesting articles/tweets/podcasts I found in the last week. I also write blog articles on topics I want to shine some light on and learn more about myself.


  • I write an annual letter covering the evolution of the project, what I’m hearing and seeing in the private company investment space, and how my own personal learning has grown.



Alex Bridgeman

I’m fascinated by acquiring private companies and permanent capital and this site is my way of documenting and sharing what I learn.

I’m also an aviation geek, football fan, and interested in all things transportation. I like to read, bike, fly, and meet like-minds.